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I am a Designer

My Story

Like most artists, I was drawing my whole life.
At the end of a school year, my agenda has turned into some kind of a comic book.
But I took my art more seriously to a higher level when I was following art education.
I was very determined when following a Maya class at the SAE institute in Amsterdam.
After this 6 months course, I continued with Maya for 10 years. But lost interest because of the not so user-friendly user interface.
And in August 2021, I started with Blender. Oh my, that felt like coming home, to be busy with 3D art again…

  • Friesland, the Netherlands
  • +31-630534550

My Skills

1996 – 1999 Home study drawing course with portrait, figure and anatomy
1997 6 months Figure drawing. Leeuwarden
(Brought my own model to the school)
1997 6 months Advertisement drawing. Amsterdam
1998 – 2000 2 year Airbrush design – Bochum, Germany
2007 6 months 3D Modeling and Animation. A'dam

Photoshop 80%
Blender 3D 70%
Drawing 90%
Video Editing 75%


I use Photoshop since 2000 for logo's, Video editing, coloring drawings, photo retouching. A Jack of all trades software

Blender 3D

Now I rediscovered 3D modeling again, I'm totally hooked to Blender. So much easier to use!

StarWars Project

Since the 4th of December 2021, I'm doing an internship at a 3d animation studio in Australia. This is learning by doing


Drawing, The foundation of all art. So I developed myself through several courses to the level of photorealistic drawing.

Video Editing

It's so rewarding what you can do with video editing. From promo to Fitness videos and 3D animations..

My art development

It is impossible not to develop my art level further. The urge to improve continues to drive me... always!.

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  • My Blender Art


    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

         WIP of a medieval house. October 2021

         Medieval house with castle wall. October 2021

                Water well for the medieval scene. (November 2021)

         A treasure chest for my castle. (Do you feel lucky?) (November 2021)

         Work in Progress. Busy to make a toon tank for a Fitness buddy (December 2021)
         (Video intro animation)

        The Sith temple Korriban. My first project for an Australian animation studio, in a Starwars series.
        Temple is +/- 75 meter high (January 2022)
  • My Maya art


    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

    MK-16 Ejection seat. In collaboration with a good friend of mine Rolf Klomp,
    I created this seat, he was modeling an M346 fighter jet. (2016)

         Dorc the Orc, partly made in Maya and ZBrush. (2014)

         Dorc the orc, standard facial expression (2014)

         More facial expressions with Maya's BlendShapes (2014)

         Umi the little Elf. Also partly made in Maya and ZBrush. (2012)

        Umi the little Elf. More facial expressions. (2012)

        Mandrake T-pose (2009)

         Christmas card design with Drazan the Baby dragon. (2009)

      Assignment:  Artists Wooden Manikin, sad position. (2008)

       Assignment:  Artists Wooden Manikin, happy position. (2008)

        Maya School instruction of a chessboard (2007)

  • My Photoshop Art


    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

          Xmas card design with "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020". (December 2021)

     Umi the Little Elf, orthographic views (November 2013)

        Got inspired to make a Sci-Fi gun, just 4 fun. (March 2012)

      Because our family name: "van der Linden" had no weapon, I decided to create one!
      (September 2010)

        My participation in an art contest on the website
        "The Orc and the elf" (August 2009)

    When my Tai Chi/Kung Fu teacher Siu Long, was expecting his first-child, 
    I made this digital painting (April 2006)

       Made a book cover for a lady friend writer about Astral Love (March 2006)

       The original painting from the Wood hobby club of Airbase Leeuwarden was worn out.
       So I made a new one in Photoshop. (August 2005)

       Sometimes, my girlfriend poses for me, and I can use the photo as a reference for 
       digital art. I did this pose also with Airbrush. (April 2005)

        During my last Air force Deployment to Kyrgyzstan in 2003, I made this Photoshop
        Joke, how my colleague and I bump into each other. Our angels are helping us, but
        not our devils... (May 2003) 

           This is what I do a lot: Making funny Chrismas cards with Photoshop (December 2001)

  • My drawing art


                    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

    Surprise drawing for a lady friend who had her first child, Jeltsje. (June 2021)

    My young mother at the age of 19 (March 2017)

    Learning how to draw planes and spaceships with Scott Robertson (May 2016)

    Assignment (Jan 2011)

    Made a sexy drawing of my hairdresser as well. She is still my hairdresser to this day... (Feb 2012)

    Concept art of Drazan the baby dragon (March 2012)

    My Young Father when he was still in the Dutch Navy (March 2011)

    Concept art of Dorc the Orc (May 2011)

    Assignment of dog "Bikkel" (October 2011)

    Assignment of cat "Wollie" (October 2011)

    Assignment (April 2009)

    Aricia's drawing of an ex-girlfriend. Also with Photoshop and Airbrush (May 2006)

    Eowah Elf princess. A mix between real photo and fantasy. (August 2006)

    Drawing of a lady friend who was posing for me. (September 2005)

    Claudia Schiffer drawing. Also done with Airbrush (May 2000)

    Albrecht Dürer drawing exercise from a drawing course (December 1999)

  • My Video Editing Skills

    (Click the little square in the right lower corner for a bigger version)

    Besides art, these are my other passions: Going to the gym and Flight Simulation in Virtual Reality
    with the sims: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, DCS Wold and Prepar3D.
    I use Premiere Pro and After Effects for most of my videos.

    This could be a possible future of mine... (Februari 2022)

    Every year I make a Fitness video as a motivation for myself (November 2021)

    Making a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany with MSFS 2020 (Januari 2021)

    In 2017, I was part of an online VR Aerobatics group in the flight sim DCS World.
    2 Of the best members asked me if I could make a promo video of them (January 2017)

    In 2014, I had my first business with webinars and made my own promo video. (July 2014)

    Made a second promo video for a bridal hairdresser who's also my (normal) hairdresser (September 2013)

  • My Old Airbrush Art

    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

    Here are a few old Airbrush examples I did from 1995 till 2006:
    In 2009, I sold all my Airbrush equipment...

    Assignment (September 2006)

    On Airbase Leeuwarden, I made several murals, like this F-16 with a fuel tanker. (September 2001)

    When I did a 2-year Airbrush course in Germany (1998 - 2000) This Airbrush was my end assignment
    of Claudia Shiffer (November 2000)

    Also on the Airbase, I made this F-16 tail monument of Diana, Goddes of the hunt. Mascotte of the
    323 Squadron. (August 2000)

    So now I have made this airbrush besides the drawing and Digital version of Aricia.
    Original Airbrush is 50 x 70 cm. (February 1999)

    Tazmanian Devil "TAZZ" airbrushed on leather. (Augustus 1999)

    When I was deployed for the second time to Villafranca - Italy, I even designed/airbrushed
    our own detachment wine etiquette (May 1995)

    My Star Wars Project

    Here I'll explane about my Starwars project development.

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    My Blender Art

      (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)      WIP of a medieval house. October 2021      Medieval house with castle wall. ...


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