• My Photoshop Art


    (Click the picture for a bigger version and scroll down)

          Xmas card design with "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020". (December 2021)

     Umi the Little Elf, orthographic views (November 2013)

        Got inspired to make a Sci-Fi gun, just 4 fun. (March 2012)

      Because our family name: "van der Linden" had no weapon, I decided to create one!
      (September 2010)

        My participation in an art contest on the website http://www.elftown.com/
        "The Orc and the elf" (August 2009)

    When my Tai Chi/Kung Fu teacher Siu Long, was expecting his first-child, 
    I made this digital painting (April 2006)

       Made a book cover for a lady friend writer about Astral Love (March 2006)

       The original painting from the Wood hobby club of Airbase Leeuwarden was worn out.
       So I made a new one in Photoshop. (August 2005)

       Sometimes, my girlfriend poses for me, and I can use the photo as a reference for 
       digital art. I did this pose also with Airbrush. (April 2005)

        During my last Air force Deployment to Kyrgyzstan in 2003, I made this Photoshop
        Joke, how my colleague and I bump into each other. Our angels are helping us, but
        not our devils... (May 2003) 

           This is what I do a lot: Making funny Chrismas cards with Photoshop (December 2001)


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