• My Old Airbrush Art

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    Here are a few old Airbrush examples I did from 1995 till 2006:
    In 2009, I sold all my Airbrush equipment...

    Assignment (September 2006)

    On Airbase Leeuwarden, I made several murals, like this F-16 with a fuel tanker. (September 2001)

    When I did a 2-year Airbrush course in Germany (1998 - 2000) This Airbrush was my end assignment
    of Claudia Shiffer (November 2000)

    Also on the Airbase, I made this F-16 tail monument of Diana, Goddes of the hunt. Mascotte of the
    323 Squadron. (August 2000)

    So now I have made this airbrush besides the drawing and Digital version of Aricia.
    Original Airbrush is 50 x 70 cm. (February 1999)

    Tazmanian Devil "TAZZ" airbrushed on leather. (Augustus 1999)

    When I was deployed for the second time to Villafranca - Italy, I even designed/airbrushed
    our own detachment wine etiquette (May 1995)


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