• My Video Editing Skills

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    Besides art, these are my other passions: Going to the gym and Flight Simulation in Virtual Reality
    with the sims: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, DCS Wold and Prepar3D.
    I use Premiere Pro and After Effects for most of my videos.

    This could be a possible future of mine... (Februari 2022)

    Every year I make a Fitness video as a motivation for myself (November 2021)

    Making a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany with MSFS 2020 (Januari 2021)

    In 2017, I was part of an online VR Aerobatics group in the flight sim DCS World.
    2 Of the best members asked me if I could make a promo video of them (January 2017)

    In 2014, I had my first business with webinars and made my own promo video. (July 2014)

    Made a second promo video for a bridal hairdresser who's also my (normal) hairdresser (September 2013)


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    My Star Wars Project

    Here I'll explane about my Starwars project development.

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