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    Surprise drawing for a lady friend who had her first child, Jeltsje. (June 2021)

    My young mother at the age of 19 (March 2017)

    Learning how to draw planes and spaceships with Scott Robertson (May 2016)

    Assignment (Jan 2011)

    Made a sexy drawing of my hairdresser as well. She is still my hairdresser to this day... (Feb 2012)

    Concept art of Drazan the baby dragon (March 2012)

    My Young Father when he was still in the Dutch Navy (March 2011)

    Concept art of Dorc the Orc (May 2011)

    Assignment of dog "Bikkel" (October 2011)

    Assignment of cat "Wollie" (October 2011)

    Assignment (April 2009)

    Aricia's drawing of an ex-girlfriend. Also with Photoshop and Airbrush (May 2006)

    Eowah Elf princess. A mix between real photo and fantasy. (August 2006)

    Drawing of a lady friend who was posing for me. (September 2005)

    Claudia Schiffer drawing. Also done with Airbrush (May 2000)

    Albrecht Dürer drawing exercise from a drawing course (December 1999)


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