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    After a 5 year absence, I started again with 3D modeling in Blender 3D. The 19th of August 2021 was my first tryout in Blender 2.91.
    Did some tutorials here and there, and created several Blender projects. Which you can see in My Blender Art post.
    At the end of November 2021, I was assigned to a Blender forum CGBoost and wrote an introduction post with a photoshop compilation of my work. A week later I got the question 
    if I want to do an internship at an Australian animation studio, Shatter Stream.
    For a Starwars animation series. Ehm, well YEAH..!!

    After a brief intake chat on Discord, I got the assignment to make temples, ruins, and tombs for the Sith, the enemies of the Jedi.
    And this is what the storyline is about: The origin of the Sith.

    1. I was given the first picture you see in this post. (Made some guidelines in Photoshop)
    2. So I had to turn a 2D picture into a 3D environment, using a Blender plug-in FSpy.
    3. With a few perspective lines, I made the first pyramid form.
    4. The pyramid is +/- 75 m high. And now I have a good idea to build on.

    January 5, 2022,
    For the time being this is my design now of the Pyramid Temple. Below the temple are the 10 living quarters.
    This is a High poly count of +/- 5 million. Now I am in the process of retopology it down to a low poly count.
    This is followed by UV mapping + texturing, and then it supposes to be ready for production.

    Februari 21, 2022,
    The pyramid temple is practically ready. I baked the high poly parts into a low poly normal map.
    Now I'll do the same with the living quarters. But, I made 10 blocks individually. Later I realized, that's not smart.
    So I reduced them into one block/piece so I can bake the normal map as well... Stay tuned!

    March 5, 2022,
    On the left side is an impression picture I found on google from the area in front of the Pyramid Temple.
    On the right side is the graveyard I'm creating now in Blender 3.1 so far... 
    The human figure is just for being
     aware of the dimensions.

    March 27, 2022,
    WooHoo, finished my Pyramid Temple in my spare time.
    It's also the second time that I did the UV mapping + Texturing in Blender, and... 
    With such a high mesh: The pyramid is 75m. Plus living quarters total 86m.
    And because I know now how UV mapping/texturing works,
    complete with UDIM's, my next work will be finished a lot faster..!!

    June 18, 2022,
    But... B4 I continue with the graveyard, I was allowed to make this "bus taxi" first!
    Ok, it looks a bit fancy so far, because it supposes to be a mine facility transport vehicle.

    Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are free characters I used for dimension awareness. 
    Btw, the landing gear is not made... yet. 

    Final update of the interior. Because of a better camera view, I hid some parts of the roof...
    Next approach, rigging the door hydraulic rods, lower door + steps and the landing gear.


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    My Star Wars Project

    Here I'll explane about my Starwars project development.

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